My dream was always to run my own business, to have the freedom to explore my creativity and spread it to as many people as I could reach.

Spider Trick – Digital Construction Ltd. became my obsession with the high achievement of quality products and services to my customers.

Now in 2022 we decided to go to the next level and promote virtual reality products and services to optimize time, quality and precision to our customers and they products.

Mel Fernandes

I’ve been working in the print industry for over 28 years. As a graphic designer, I always have been creative to deliver the best designs to my customers.

Since my childhood, I used to create art, with paper mache used batteries and plastic cups. I use to create little sculptures and sell them to the neighbours. I was just 9 years old, business was always in my veins.

My passion for arts never stopped and I started to learn design at the age of 18.

my Strong Points

Easy to tell!
High knowledge with Adobe Creative Cloud, very creative.

I’ve been very successful doing business development for other companies helping them to increase their revenue by implementing incredible marketing technics for online and direct marketing.

Get in contact with us and will be a pleasure to share my knowledge with you!

{ Marketing & Sales }
{ Business Development }
{ Design 2D - 3D }
{ Virtual reality }