Has been a pleasure to work with these guys, to be honest, such a nice environment where I can create my designs and share them with them. There is always great input or advice from them and they always take my experience and knowledge into the count.

I’m very excited about this new step of spiderTrick-DC doing VR { my main field }, we will smash your eyes with our projects!!!

Lukasz Zambrzycki

I’m a creative and competent interior designer, confident of my work.

I got a massive experience with kitchen design and houses in general.

I love to explore my creativity with materials and textures.

Play around virtually gives so much power to our customers to take the final decision.

With a few clicks, they select, change and review the projects. It’s all amazingly funny!

my Strong Points

I would say that is been creative as I mentioned before.

When I get a project I start to create immediately.

As the good listener that I am, I always highlight on the project exactly what the customer briefed.

{ Design 2D - 3D }
{ Virtual reality }
{ Interior | Exterior Design }
{ CAD Design }